Account creation

Creating a BankGO account is easy. You can create an account if you have a valid email address.

1. Enter the referral code

Click “Register” button, and enter your referral code.


Please contact the agency about referral code (agent code).
If you do not have an agency, please contact us from here.

2. Enter the required items on the member registration screen

Access the member registration screen, enter the necessary information, and click “Member registration“.

  • email address
  • password
  • password (confirmation)


3. Authenticate email address

A verification email will be sent to your email address.
Click the verification link to complete the verification of your email address.

I did not receive the verification email
  1. Confirm the entered email address
    Please check your email address again for any deficiencies.
  2. Check junk mail folder
    Depending on the email service you are using, it may be judged as junk mail and blocked or automatically sorted into the junk mail folder.
    Also, if you are set up so that you can only receive emails from specific domains, please set up your email address again after you have set permission to receive emails.

4. Log in to BankGO

Login to BankGO from the login page,
Please make sure that your account registration is complete.