Member Merchants - BankGO

Providing debit cards and comprehensive services that can be used worldwide to BankGO customers

Various deposit methods and reasonable fees
Deposit BankGO with minimum fee using VISA/MasterCard and Bitcoin

Providing convenient API and easy-to-use development documents

24 hour customer support

For digital USD Merchant ⇒ Transfer fee to customer 2% Customer ⇒ Membership transfer fee 2%

For Crypto Member merchants ⇒ 1% transfer fee to customers Customer ⇒ 1% transfer fee for member merchant

Merchant (merchant account)

By opening a merchant account, you can introduce BankGO as your payment method.
You can manage various payment options with one Merchant account.

A single Merchant Account can manage multiple currencies.
* Funds cannot be transferred under the corporate name.

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