Card activation

When you receive your BankGO card, be sure to activate your card.
Cards that have not been activated cannot be used as Debit cards.

1. Move to the card activation screen

On the profile screen (account> profile), click “Activation” to move to the “Card activation” screen.

2. Upload Activation Photo

Please upload a photo of yourself with your card and ID.

* The ID must be the ID used at the time of application.
* The characters of the ID must be clear and
* The characters on the debit card must be clear and readable.

About activation photos

Take the photo with your card and ID with your face.

3. Click Activate

Click “Activate”

4. Confirm that the card has been activated

On the profile screen (Account > Profile),
Make sure the BankGO card in your account information is “valid”.

How long does it take?

It will take 2-3 days before the card can be used after the bank’s screening process.